Learn to play the piano without giving up your Netflix habit.





You’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano….or perhaps you regret quitting piano lessons all those years ago.

It’s never too late to learn.


With my Busy Moms Do Piano program, I’ve created piano lessons that you can squeeze in during nap time or Sesame Street


Every lesson is just 3-8 minutes long, and each set includes a technique lesson — focused on an exercise or skill — and a song. I’ve also created 2 levels, so you can start from the beginning, or pick up where you left off last time you took lessons.





These 72 lessons include theory, technique and songs. In this level, which will take you from a beginning level up to the late elementary level, you’ll learn about…

  • rhythms (quarter, half, whole, eighth notes & triplets)
  • reading music from the staff & lead sheets
  • chords
  • major & minor keys
  • one octave scales


These 70 lessons include technique and songs. In this level, we focus on repertoire in the late elementary through intermediate level. You’ll learn…

  • 3/8 and 6/8 time signatures
  • sixteenth note rhythms
  • major and minor scales, arpeggios and inversions
  • LOADS of classical repertoire



Monthly practice challenges to motivate students and encourage forward progress.


Song lessons are broken into achievable, brief chunks that utilize the skills developed in the technique and song mini-lessons.


Learn to play songs from your favorite musicals in these lesson tutorials.


“I signed up for Busy Moms Do Piano because I’ve always regretted not continuing to study music. I have such an appreciation for folks who can play an instrument and read music. I’d love to be able to as well! The music is fun to learn and the structure fits into my lifestyle because I can practice whenever I can fit it in. I am beginning to really learn the note names and how to read the music I’ve been taught. I have a piano student at home and the course has been helpful because we have a shared interest and she really likes being more advanced than her mom!”

Elizabeth Defanti

Artistic Director, Montana Ballet Company


“Playing piano is something I’ve always wanted to do. The music is fun to learn, and while some songs and exercises are more difficult than others, they are attainable. Because it is a self-paced course, I’m able to fit it into my schedule. Even from early on, I began to have more confidence in my playing.

Libby D

Busy Mom


Upon purchase, you are sent login credentials that will allow you to access the online membership.

You have access to the entire program and can work through the lesson videos at your own pace!


Exactly what kind of time commitment are we talking about?

I’m a busy mom myself, and I know that embarking on a new commitment is not something you enter into lightly. I’ve designed my lessons to be concise and effective, so each video lesson is typically under 10 minutes long. I know you’ve got places to go and mouths to feed and Gilmore Girls to watch, so I want you to be able to view the important information that you need as quickly as possible.

As far as your practice commitment goes — that’s completely up to you and will definitely vary from week to week! The technique exercises and songs are typically around 16 measures long, short enough that you can find a few stolen moments here and there throughout your week to learn a piece in its entirety. I try to balance the difficulty from one lesson to the next, so if we have a piece that is a little bit longer or more challenging, I often follow it up with a piece that is shorter and more accessible.

How many lessons does my membership include?

I currently have 140 lessons available on my site, which should keep you pretty busy for awhile! I do add lessons and repertoire and new song challenges to the bonus lessons from time-to-time, and active members will have access to the new material.

Each set of lessons includes a technique lesson where we will explore and learn a technical exercise to help you grow your skill set. The other lesson will help you break down a song, giving you the tips and information you’ll need to add a new piece to your ever-growing repertoire.

Is there a contract?

Monthly and annual subscribers can cancel your membership at any time! You’ll continue to have access to the site through the remainder of your payment period, but will not be charged the following month or year after cancellation.

Those with a lifetime membership will have ongoing access to the site.

Do I need to purchase a book or sheet music?

Nope! Unlike other online lesson programs, there is no separate materials fee when you become a subscriber. All the music you need to correspond to the lesson videos will be available for you to download after you login to your account.

What if I've never had lessons before?

You’ve come to the right place! I have a Newbies course designed with you in mind. Each set of lessons still includes 2 brief videos, but the technique lesson will also include a theory worksheet that I will go over with you to explain all the music theory that you need to make sense of your pieces.

The Newbies course starts from the beginning and takes you up to the late-elementary level — about a Level 2B in a typical method book.

What if I've had some piano lessons before, so don't need to start from square one?

Then you’ll want to check out the “Back in the Saddle” course! This course begins at about the late elementary/early intermediate level of music. Since you already have a working knowledge of music, we won’t do any extra theory worksheets in this course. I’ll simply explain the theory that you’ll need to understand your technique exercise and song.

If you’re somewhere in between the 2 levels, you can hop around as you wish! Your membership includes access to both levels.

Do I need a fancy piano for practicing?

Fancy pianos are fun to play, but no – you don’t need to invest in a grand piano to take this course. If a digital piano is what’s in your budget, that works great! We do use the pedal in both of our courses, so be sure that you purchase a damper pedal to connect to your digital piano. It is also worth looking for a piano that has weighted keys, as this will be closer to the touch and feel of an acoustic instrument.

Do I have to be a mom to subscribe?

Of course not! You can be a Busy Dad, a Busy Retiree, a Busy College Student or even A Busy Single-And-Ready-To-Mingle. This course was inspired by the mamas of my many young piano students of my thirteen years of teaching, who often expressed that they wished they had time to learn piano so they could help their child at home, or shared their regret at quitting piano lessons far too early. But the refrain I always hear from them is, “I just don’t have the time to take lessons now…you know how it is.”

And I DO know. So I set about to design a course with the Busy Mom in mind. A course that gives the subscriber the information and repertoire to become a proficient pianist who enjoys playing music, but doesn’t take a lot of time out of her busy day.

Can Busy Kids use this course?

This program is pretty fast-paced, so I would recommend checking out my program that’s developed specifically for younger learners — BUSY KIDS DO PIANO.




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